Landscape Material problem - Strange lightning line

Hello, on my landscape material in Unreal Engine 4.8.0, I have this very strange line which shows up. I am one hundred percent sure that it is something wrong with the landscape material because I tried to apply just one material to the landscape, and no problems arises with that. The strange lightning line can be found between the two blue lines I have drawn on the screenshots:



I have tried searching everywhere for a similar error, but I could not find it elsewhere. I hope someone can point me to the fix for this. :slight_smile:

Are you positive that both normal map textures were imported as normal maps? Something like that can happen when a normal is sampled as a regular texture which will put the range at 0 to 1 instead of -1 to 1.

Yep, I can confirm that it is handled as a normal map (out from the looks).

EDIT: I tried deleting the normal maps too, and the same line appears. Okay, I tried removing the link to normalmaps overall, and the line disappeared.

Concluded: If I attach a LayerBlend to the Normal World_Material, the line will draw on the material. It works fine with one normal map, but as soon as it is LayerBlend, it messes up. It does not work with any of the three settings on the LayerBlend, also. I was wondering if anyone knew a possible fix to this?


Did you perhaps uncheck the “tangent space normal map” option?

Also what kind of geometry are you applying it to… if the landscape is flat that option shouldn’t really do anything.

“Tangent space normal map” is checked.

I am applying it to a flat landscape so far.

I have also upgraded to UE4.9 and eh… I have the same problem, sadly.

Don’t use the alpha channel and you might get better results. That’s a guess, hope it helps.