Landscape material PROBLEM - Help please

Hi, I’m trying to make a material for the terrain with a splatmap and it comes out black, help please.

Yepa amigo que está intentando hacer? a ver si contactamos!!!
My question is… 5 layers max?¿??? i see pictures or videos use 10-12 layers or more in landscape… im use 5… but paint 6 layer… crash… :frowning:

Y sobre tu error, lo tienes puesto en roughness… cambiale a specular!.. roughnesss = reflejo-espejo. specular es lo que buscas!

El problema no es el reflejo que genera, si no que no aparece ni el color ni nada :frowning:

Can any moderator help me?

Black textures on landscapes are likely because there are too many texture samplers in the material. I had a similar problem - and in my case, it was partly caused by the fact I used ‘height blend’ to blend the layers.

As a first step, try changing the blends to regular (ugly) alpha blends, and see if it works. I don’t know why it worked for me, but it seemed to help. (Duplicate your material first, as they are a pain to hook back up again!)

If that doesn’t, try removing a couple of texture sample nodes, and see if that solves the problem.

In my particular case, I kept the ‘height blend’, but used channel packing to remove 3 samplers. This seemed to make the difference.

Wish I could help more with the actual engine mechanics, but hopefully that’s your issue.