Landscape material pixelated while in VR play mode

Hello! Just to note, this is my first VR development project so my knowledge is quite limited.

Firstly, I am working with Oculus Quest in UE4 version 4.22.3. I have created a landscape material with a couple of paint layers and while in the viewport it looks just as intended, when I launch it on VR the material is very heavy pixelated despite the texture resolution for each texture used. It is the only material that gets this problem. What could be causing this and how do I get a proper resolution?

Bonus questions about materials in VR:

  1. My custom sky sphere has a similar problem. While colours appear as intended in the viewport, during play mode in VR the HDRI image appears to be overly saturated, colours seem off. I tried different compression methods but that didn’t work. I think sometimes UE4 skews colours like this when using the wrong colour format(?). The image is .hdr format in case this info would help diagnose the issue.
  2. Two-sided foliage material with simple grass wind added does not work and appear as a default material. It is pretty basic with diffuse, normal and opacity mask. Is that something not supported on VR?

I’ll be very grateful for any help/advice offered!

I found out the cause and the solution to the problem. In case anyone deals with this in the future here’s what happened with the landscape material - it had something to do with the object’s scale inside the engine. It’s as if the landscape created was originally very very small and got scaled up to the correct size, that’s why it lost the quality of texture mapping.
Solution: I modelled the landscape in the correct units in Maya, imported it to the scene so it wouldn’t need scaling at all. This fixed the landscape high quality texturing in-game in VR.

(I still couldn’t solve the issue with the sky sphere’s texture and I had to accept that wind node simply won’t work for VR. If anyone coming across this knows why that could be happening, I’m still looking forward to hearing about it)