Landscape material Layers not showing up

I try to setup the layer in material by create landscape with/without material. Delete and recreate material.
It is properly showing the material layers I currently have during the landscape creation with material setup, but only grass remain after the creation. I tried to follow some tutorial, the same setup wont work for both weight and height blend type. Is there any way to fix this? Thank you!

just noticing you have all layers set as HEIGHT blend height is for stuff like sand that would go between cracks and crevices as well as its own layer like a beach in your case dirt layer would be the one i would chose to be height blended Chose weight blend as you don’t have an auto material they will be blended by the weight of your brush Alpha blend would be stuff like snow that would show the normal of the layer (if thin enough) below like the grass… alpha sits on top… height sits between lows of normal points… weight is dependent on brush strenght. Weight is the default to go for. all layers under the target layers in the landscape editor + button weight blended layer then something like snow as none weight blended


I also faced this issue and solve it just by switching from Sculpt to Paint tab inside Landscape mode and all layers appeared as they should be :slight_smile:

the picture shows the normal’s not connected and a compleatly flat landscape stuff like sand would fall into the bumps the normals create so cliffs can have sand dusted onto the flat parts of the rocks etc. the sculpt wont show different materiels unless you paint the on you want. you would need to Use a lerp controlled by a height/angle node to change material this is only set to paint layers. in the layer blend node add another connection called auto or whatever your lerp will fit into this your materials will go into the lerp (aswell as the spots there in now) the height node will go into the alpha to control the material shown and you will then be able to use both methods. check you tube out there are loads of tutorials for auto landscape materials. hope your brain dosn’t melt trying to work it out lol good luck.