Landscape material layer will render in any location other than where I want

So I’m trying to place sand but the editor goes to compile shaders and then never renders. The square chunk that I painted on goes back to the default texture and will NOT update. Doesn’t matter if I delete the layer info and try again. It will however compile and render in any other spot.

My old post seems to have gotten deleted without an answer, so I still need help. I was told that maybe there wasn’t enough texture space. This is not the case because again I can paint my material anywhere else.

All 3 of my current materials are set up the same way. The other 2 work anywhere, the sand refuses only on 2 square sections and it’s the only place that I actually want the sand.

Do I have to delete my landscape and re-sculpt and paint again? That will take hours of shader compilation time for me since I have single channel DDR2 @ 800MHz. I’m running some super low specs and I have a deadline to meet.

All help appreciated very much!

  • King of Kings IV development team

Try posting the material workup for the sand, and a screenshot of the area to be painted in the level. It sounds like a bug, but could be a broken node or something in the material, or a setting that doesn’t work for the square area to get painted. UE has some pretty crazy quirks that happen in materials and landscapes. I had problems with landscape painting update times, where I would paint a small area, and it would start compiling shaders in the thousands, or even in the hundreds, and took at least several minutes to complete every paint. That was some simple materials that had almost small detail level. I’m running low specs too, with an integrated Intel 5500U @ 2.4 GHz and 6 GB DDR3 RAM.

I know the material works because it works in other spots.

There are no broken nodes.

I can paint the sand material anywhere except for where I want.

When I paint on the area I want, the texture reverts back to the default checkered texture, and it starts compiling shaders.

It does not revert to the default checkered texture anywhere else and does not need to compile shaders anywhere else.

Only for this handful of landscape squares will it revert, compile shaders, and then never render.

Anyone know what’s going on?

My output log says
LogShaderCompilers: Display: /Engine/Generated/UniformBuffers/Material.ush(35,14-41): err0r X4510: maximum ps_5_0 sampler register index (16) exceeded

EDIT: To be more clear about my issue, the output log does not say the above error when painting in other squares.

sounds like your material is out of samples. Are you using Shared:wrap on the textures?

We are not using shared wrap to my knowledge. We looked up the error code and found some threads but our issue is weirder than that. For whatever reason, we only run out of samples in certain spots.
Anywhere other than those spots, we still have enough texture sample space.

We tried looking up shared wraps but didn’t get any helpful results, can someone please point us to a thread that talks about shared wraps so we can check it out?

Thank you both for responding, we appreciate it!

  • King of Kings IV development team

Well you were both correct as it turns out, thank you both very much!
We eventually figured out how to change the texture sample to a shared wrap.