Landscape Material Layer not 100% visible


~In our game, we are optimizing our Main Landscape Material.

~We have seen all the Dokumentation and the live stream about this topic!

~But there are still a lot of questions about this…

Since Im am not allowed to show pictures from the game, I recreated a verry simple material only with starter content from the livestream.

→They are using “LB Height Blend” for the Layers, and for the Layer info: “No Weight-Blend”.

(Note: at our “old” landscape material, we used: “Weight-Blended Layer (Normal)” and it worked how it should, but is it the right way? (We aren’t using world machine or any sort of splatmaps. So we should use “No Weight-Blend” like how they said this in the live stream?)

→Additional to the live stream, I added the Landscape Grass Type:

-Spawn Cone mesh for green grass

-Spawn Sphere mesh for brown dirt

→But when I paint one Layer over the other Layer, I can’t paint the other Layers to 100%.
The Brown ist mixed with the green layer, and not 100% brown.

→Even the Landscape Grass type is placing both of the meshes, where normaly only the dirt spheres and not the grass spheres should get placed.

Here are some Pictures:

And we got one additional question:

Someone said, that we should use in the Material “LB Weight Blend” for the Main Layer, in this case for Grass.

Does this help in any form for performance?

Thanks for your time, we hope to see some more detailed information!