Landscape Material - Layer Blends is nonsense?

Hi guys,

lately I do a lot with landscapes in unreal and I learned and mastered a lot, but there is just one thing that bugs me around now for a long, long time.
The layer blend system and how it works.

Actually I build my landscape shader like that:

  • Make a default material funtion
  • Duplicate and modifiy it to it needs
  • Placing all the functions into the main material and plug it into the layer blend node

Kind of work, but with a high inconsistency. Base color works, roughness and normal too, but more ‘advanced’ stuff like displacement and sss doesnt work at all.
I am used to the height problematic and add everytime a workarround but now I am doing a snow scene and there I need a lot of SSS for the snow - but it doesn’t work.

In the documentation epic is using multiple layer blends and this works, but this can’t be right. Why does roughness, normal etc work but not other channel like sss?
At work we made our own layer blend nodes to overcome this issue, but actually I really want to know the … why?

It’s a pretty destructive workflow by adding tons of layer blend nodes for my taste.
Whenever you change one value or add another item to the list, you have to go though every node … and in the most extreme case this would be 17 times.

Best regards,