Landscape Material is redundant

Its pretty annoying how we have to set up a landscape material, by adding all the separate textures for a layer inside the material, organizing everything, rearranging and so on. Is there a more efficient, less redundant way to do this? I feel like we should just be able to add a new layer, and within that layer just select a preexisting material (or texture) to be able to paint onto the landscape.

The current method is just slow, and annoying to use.

The reason for this is that the limitations of lower-end shader models can be quite harsh, and a “one size fits all” landscape material just doesn’t work out for most games.
Similarly, you can’t just “add another layer” at your convenience (except perhaps for the DX12/SM5.0 target) as there is an upper limit to the number of layers that can touch a single block.
I think this limit is 3 for the lower-end shader models!

I still dont see how that prevents a more efficient method from being created. If that is the case, then all Epic would really need to do is limit the number of materials you could add, rather than forcing us to do it the long way.

You do not need to create a new material from scratch for every terrain you make. Invest some time into building a solid base of material functions.