Landscape material: can I use materials or only textures?

I’m creating my landscape material using the UE4 guide’s resources and

Nuova immagine (15).jpg

I’d like to use some great ready-to-use materials coming from C-Media Basic Materials (from Marketplace) and from the Kite demo but it seems to me that I can only use textures and not fully featured materials, is it true? :slight_smile:

There are two ways how you can add materials to your landscape material:
-use material functions (I will post a link to the tutorial in a sec. -> searching for it right now ^^)
-just copy and paste the entire material branch into the landscape material and connect it with the different landscape nodes :slight_smile:

Making standard landscapes was much more easy and comfortable back in UEd3 even 10 years ago.
So for the 95% of people who are happy if they get a preset and easy to edit landscape:
For the love of of god Epic release something like a standard landscape menu that generates…

-a Folder “Landscape1” (number increasing automatically for the 2nd landscape", with all the assets belonging to that landscape

-10 slots with material layers pre-set with the most common ground types (grasses, dirt, rocks, sands, gravel, snow…). more slots can be added by clicking on a “+”. slot orders can be changed by drag and drop, they also represent the order in which the layers are painted on the landscape (from top to bottom).

  • make all the blueprint setup unnecessary, so if the mapper selects a layer in the menu he can paint with it or edit its parameters and can exchange its material by drag and drop.

…and while youre add it, please add some simple pre-set but modifyable water solutions. If they are editable then we dont see the same water all over again. If they are pre-set people have a result to start from and not a PITA to get anything visible.

I guess 95% of mappers and beginners would be happy with such a solution, and for those who want to do more advanced stuff, well they can always do it in “landscape material” way that is implemented already.

Live could be so easy, why make it more compicated?

Well; I agree with you almost for everything… I’d really like to have some material presets the most common landscape ground and water types… It wolud be much much easier… But until now… any suggestion??? Thankls :slight_smile:

Thanks, I’ll be waiting for your link… for I don’t know much about material functions…
And I also thought about copying an entire material branch but:
1- idon’t know how to link everything up,
2- Most of the best materials I’ve seen so far are a mix of instanced materials and other things (e.g. grass or gravel material in open asset kite demo) so I’m not sure what I hace to copy and paste… :confused:
many thanks, :slight_smile:

Try watching this (It’s been a while since I watched that so I’m not sure if it’s too advanced or not).

Once you get how this stuff works it only takes a minute or two to set up basic landscape materials, it’s just hard to explain as there’s so many ways of doing everything (which I love).

Ok Tahanks, I’ll try with your link… :slight_smile:

There will be other tutorials as well that aren’t as long, but I remember that one being pretty handy =]

The best way to learn and get something that at least works fast might be to play with slope mask and heightlerp, even if it’s just with solid colours rather than shiny materials learning how to use those is very handy.


Ok, Xerithas already posted the link to the tutorial. :slight_smile:

It’s pretty easy to link everything up. One branch is always connected with one of the material links. e.g paste everything into your landscape material - go back into the original material and look which node is connected with the base colour - open the landscape material and connect the node which is connected with the base colour with a landscape node (layer weight) and connect the layer weight with the base colour

Thanks, guys for the help!!! Haven’t tried yet because I’m a little stuck on other things, but I will try soon; One last (stupid, I hope) question: if I set my landscape material blending other materials in the way you said can I use it for painting, yes???
Tahnks again, I’ll let you know :slight_smile: