Landscape Material Atlas problem

Hi, I’m trying to make a open world for VR, but my major performance hit at the moment is the Landscape material. I have tried scaling down the materials to 512 but that was only a small boost in performance. So I thought how would the performance be if I did the landscape material using 1 Texture Atlas. But I’m having a problem.

This is my material function to get the texture coordinates

And I have created a material and plugged in the layers.

But when I add the material to the landscape, I can only save one layer_info even though in the editor it shows the material layers. And when I paint, it paints it as the whole texture and not the texture coordinate assigned.

Is there a technique to get this to work. I have searched on the net, but the only one’s that I have found are reference to splatter maps done in other engines like World machine.

Leaving implementation complications aside, I don’t want to disappoint you, but your setup will not be a performance gain over conventional approach. You are still doing 2 texture look-ups per layer. And tbh number of layers is quite large alone.

Thanks for the input, so I’m looking in the wrong way to trying to boost performance. I’m still learning so, what would be the best way to boost performance with the landscape material. I’ve tried 512, with a standard texture setup. Any help in the right direction.