Landscape Level Streaming?

Is it possible to level stream a landscape?
I have seen some tutorials to do it with a world machine , but i don’t have access to this kind of software.
Is it possible to do the level streaming with the standard UE4 Landscape tool? If it is , how can i do it?

I think you’re referring to World Composition? You can import tiled landscapes from World Machine into the engine, and have them stream based on distance.
Take a look at this and see if it is what you are after:

After reading my topic post i think i wasn’t clear(very unclear, actually) about what i wanted, heres a better(i think) explanation.

I don’t know much about rendering stuff because it’s not what i’m into, but i’m needing a placeholder right now and my PC can’t handle well the “big” world.
What i want is : Only render a landscape section based on a render distance threshold.
Since i don’t know much about rendering, the stuff i’ve read(tiled landscape) seems to be only for world machine(i thought it was named world creator) landscapes.
However, i don’t have access to world machine and can’t afford it , so my question is : Can i do it without world machine, using only the UE4 Landscape tools or with a free(i don’t think there’s any) landscape software?

usually i use world machine and zbrush to get a tiling heightmap.u can just sulpt in ue4 and export heightmap to a graphic software such as Photoshop to fix the border

This is exactly my problem. I don’t have access to softwares like world machine and zbrush. I wanna know if is possible to do this with the UE4 Landscape tool , and if it is, how.

He answered your question but perhaps you missed it.

He said: “u can just sulpt in ue4 and export heightmap to a graphic software such as Photoshop to fix the border”

You can use Krita to split the heightmap into tiles if you don’t have access to photoshop. One thing to note though, you may need to slightly adjust the size of your master heightmap that you exported in order to get tiles of the proper size. So yeah you can sculpt an 8k x 8k landscape in UE4, export the heightmap, then use an image editing software program to split the image into individual tiles that you can later “import” back into UE4 through world composition.

I know this post is a year old at this point, but I stumbled across it in a Google search and might as well answer it in case anyone else finds this thread.

Yes, you can have multiple landscape levels in World Composition and edit the landscape from each together as if they’re a single landscape basically making a custom tiled landscape you can edit by hand yourself. All without leaving the editor. It’s explained at the timestamped part of this live training stream

Basically all you need to do is make a level with a landscape in it. (I’m not sure if it’s allowed to have other objects in it or not) Then in the World Composition panel right click on the landscape level, scroll down to “Add Adjacent Landscape Level” and chose which side you want to add to. Then when you go to edit the landscape it will edit all of them as if they’re the same landscape.

Sorry for adding to year + topic but its important,YES you don’t need world machine, its pricey to get TILED EXPORT, & L3DT(pro) is now free ( see below ) :

" Free for all Hi Everyone,

L3DT is going freeware again, as of next year. I’d like to sincerely thank everyone who supported me over the years by purchasing a license for L3DT Professional. The revenue from Bundysoft certainly helped me through some lean times, and will pay for the webhosting bill for Bundysoft for quite some years to come.

L3DT will continue to be hosted on Bundysoft indefinitely, and updates and bug fixes will continue to be released sporadically. The only real change will be that there will be only one version of L3DT, and it will be free for all to use.

I haven’t yet completed debugging of this new version of L3DT, and I also still have to rebuild some parts of the website, update EULAs, etc. This work is likely to take me some time into the new year, owing to a number of other commitments I have from Dec - Feb. In the mean-time, I have changed the L3DT Professional trial registration page to generate free licenses valid for 6 months, which should be enough time for me to get my act together.

If you have any questions or comments about this change, please feel free to post a comment in this forum thread.

Best regards,
Aaron. "

So generous, frees up alot of talent to now have access!
ALSO, btw,you do not HAVE rely on paiint programs I DIDN’T–sculpt in UE4, ( and if you had already started your sculpts ) , view ,its VERY GOOD,he goes at very nice pace, explains everything.

EX: name your landscapes based on pic attached below.
Once in world comp, you can move where you want, URL I pasted explains all of that.

Hope this is what you are after, its solid reading/watching even if not, as it is prob. something you’d need anyway at some point. BTDT for me;)