Landscape layers not working for painting

I have a landscape material with Blend Layers Node that has material functions connected to it containing the materials for each layer. That output is connected to the Main Material node, which is collapsed by “Use Material Attributes”, for which I am using Make Material Attributes in the 2 respective material functions that have the color and normal textures. The problem is I can’t get the paint tool in Landscape Mode to paint an individual layer I have selected. I made the layer info file for both layers, and I’ve tried selecting the different landscape layers (the non-material ones) before painting.

I’m using a couple of landmass brushes combined with the overall landscape, and the painting is not working on either the landmass brush surfaces or the overall landscape.

I’m posting a screenshot of one of the material functions, and the landscape material that has it connected to a blend layer node and the main material node. The second material function is all the same except Metallic and Roughness are different.

As far as I remember layer blend takes vector4 in. Not the result of a make material node.

Ergo. Make your own function to blend that contains a break material attributes and blends each of the separate outputs before recomposing the material attributes.

How do I blend each of the separate outputs of a BreakMaterialAttributes into a vector 4?

Multiple landscape layer blends, one for each output of the material attribute you need.

Base, roughness, specularity, normal and height displacement.

The more you add, the lower the performance, the higher the shader cost…

thanks for the info