Landscape Layers Not Blending Correctly


so my terrain HDA from Houdini is working fine, except my layers are wonky and I can’t figure out why. I made material functions corresponding to each layer. When using Landscape Blend, for some reason only 3 of my layers are visible at any given time. The only way for me to view all of them together is by changing the Blend Mode in the material to Alpha Composite, except I lose my directional lighting entirely. This is the result below:

This is what happens when I change the Blend Mode to **Opaque **with only three layers(which is the default):

It gets messed up with any more than three. Here you can see the lighting because the shader isn’t loading:

There’s also a tiny square path that is shaded, but the rest look like the image above.
These are my settings for the Layer Blend:

What the heck am I doing wrong here??

Thanks :slight_smile: