Landscape Layered Material does not draw / Ragged Landscape in Mobile

Please help me with the folowing problem. I am creating a game with an open world for mobile platforms. I have faced the problem with Landscape Layered Material. The world has been created using World Composition and I have several sub levels on it. On the first sublevel I have created my game world (lowlands, peaks, mountains, caves and other things), other levels are still empty. Also I have created some layered material for my sublevels which consist of four textures. My empty sublevels (where landscapes are flat ) draws my prepared material perfectly, but my first sublevel does not (using the same layered material).
Attached image shows the border of two sublayers. The first one is (filled) and others are empty. That problem I can reproduce with “Mobile Preview ES2” mode and on my Android device.
Also a received a Ragged landscape on my Android device. “Mobile Preview ES2” mode shows landscape perfectly
What has happened? Where do I make mistakes? Please help with it.