Landscape Layer Crashing

I created a material as simple as this. Applied the mat to my landscape, clicked on the paint option in landscape and it crashes 100% of the time. I created a new project to test.

Hey Illarvan,

I just tested this issue on my end and did not get the crash you are reporting. For issues like these where you can get the engine to crash following some simple steps, we typically ask for a collection of information by following our How to Report Bug sticky on the Forums.

Once we have the required information, we can continue with the bug reporting process.

Let me know if you have further questions or need additional assistance.


I’ve tried with different materials, and fresh projects, same thing is happening. I don’t even get an error message on crash so I’ll reinstall 4.13 and see if that fixes it first.

Sounds good.

Could you provide me with your ‘dxdiag’ so I can take a look at your system’s specs?


Absolutely, Andrew :slight_smile:

I tried to reinstall 4.13 this morning. It crashed the launcher, and now the launcher crashes every time I try to start it up.
So I’ve attached the log and dmp files also.


So we have to get past your launcher crashing in order to effectively assist you with your Landscape Crash. Follow the link below to submit a ticket for your launcher crash and fill out the form with as much detail as possible.

Could you attach the crash logs you are getting with the landscape issue so I can search for your crash in our internal system?


I don’t have any logs for the crashes. There was nothing in the crash window either, I only have a minidump.


However I deleted the temp files in my appdata. 4.13 installed fine, and now the landscape is working so I’m guessing the install just messed up. Strange, but at least it’s fixed.

Thanks for the assistance Andrew.