Landscape layer blending issue with more than 3 layers.

So I’m new, I’ve been playing around with making a landscape material with layer blended textures. If I try to use more than 3 texture layers I run into a problem. Specifically when I paint on the first 3 layers everything is fine, but if I try to use the fourth, the entire landscape turns gray (apparently permanently). Any thoughts?

Also, I’ve been looking at some examples of using vertex painting in materials. Any thoughts on which is preferable, landscape layer blend, or vertex painting? Can they both be used in the same material?

Thanks for your time.

You’re run out of texture memory. In you material, click on all the textures and change ‘sampler source’ from asset to ‘shared: wrap’.

Vertex painting is for meshes not landscapes, so best to stick to a landscape material.

Thanks! I appreciate the info.