Landscape Kitedemo material question


I’m looking into the Landscape material from the KITEdemo. But I’'m trying to
understand how its setup.

If I wanted to change the apperance (look textures) of the landscape is this done in the MaterialLayers it self. Is this were I would need change textures.
For example ML_MossyGround_01

Also in the material instance of the Landscape material there are 3 texture slots. What do they do? They don’t really change the apperance of the landscape


Many thanks


Those are the grass textures. The distance texture is used for the grass when far away only to reduce tiling artifacts.


But how would you change the grass/moss for eg different texture? Is this done ML_MossyGround_01 it self ? many thanks.

select a texture in the content browser and then click on the small left arrow underneath the ‘T-ground_Moss_D title’