Landscape Kitedemo material question


I’ve been looking at the Landscape_material from the kitedemo.
In the instance_material there are parameters for Distance_texture/ T_ground_moss
also Mossy-Ground_Diffuse / T_Fieldgrass and Heather_texture.

but there aren’t any parameters for example RiverRocks or Cliffs. For example there
are settings for Cliffs/Rock to adjust other settings, but not a TextureParameter. Is this setup differently?
Many Thanks

I have noticed there’s a ML_CLiffs in this material I found the rock/cliff textures. I’m not working with orginal kite demo scene
as my PC can’t handle it. If I wanted this material to work in my own scene. Would I need to add it to my Landscape (TOOL) Paint layers?

Kite Demo used actual rockd for the cliffs. If you want to havr that material in your landscape material you would have to copy its contenrs over to ypur landscape material and make a new layer for it.


I have all the contents, but shouldn’t there be a rock/cliff layer also in the Landscape/paint tool (see pic) those other layer_info’s were
already setup coming from the orginal Landscape_material from the kite demo. Why isn’t there anything showing for rock/cliff?


Ah I understand the confusion now.

Since the landscape was using Non-Weight-Blended layers, that means that the base layer has no weight map. It is simply the result when all other layers have 0 as the alpha. I actually prefer setting up landscapes this way since it implies a physical relationship between the layers and lets you do more advanced types of layer blending that are not possible with weight blended layers.

But it also means that in order to expose the rock you have to manually erase all layers on top, there is no shortcut way to paint the rock layer and have it erase the others automatically like with weight blended layers.

hello Ryan,

Could you perhaps explain how I would inplement/expose the Rock/Cliff. Do you need the Layer_info from the kitedemo for this? As I’m working
on my own scene! If I deleted all these layers as you mentioned shown in my screengrab how would rebuild it all? Many thanks for your help.


I deleted all the layers and re-imported my heightmap. The rock now appears. I am left with all the materials as shown in my screengrab (see post)
do I need to set all the layers to Non-Weighted as want to import my splatmaps!! Is there something I need to pay attention for? Thanks in advanced.