Landscape is translucent when using landscape visibility mask

Hi all,

I am trying to set up a landscape. I wanted to make my landscape an island so I tried to use the visibility tool to get rid of the landscape surrounding my island, but it said I needed a landscape visibility mask node in my material. So, I set my material to translucent and then attached a landscape visibility mask node to the opacity pin. This worked and let me change the visibility of parts of my landscape but now I notice that I can very slightly see through my landscape. Not much, just a little.

So, did I misinterpret the error message? Should I have added the landscape visibility mask node somewhere different? Or what can I do now to make it not translucent?


Instead of changing the landscape material to be translucent - change it to be “Masked” and plug your landscape visibility mask node into “Opacity Mask” :slight_smile:

Thanks! This works. Sorry for being such a noob - I just have no idea when it comes to materials.