Landscape is not rendered

Hello Everbody,

Recently, my landscape have stopped working only on play mode, on editor works just fine. I have checked everything that I am aware of without any luck.

I have done some tests to try to find out where my issue might come. First, I’ve checked my material, also, I have tried to change it to the default one and the error persists with the same reproductibity. I’ve launched in several ways to see if was some setting somewhere, “Play Standalone”, “Launch”, I have even build the project.

Also, I have removed my grass just in case and clicked Build several times.

Besides, I have checked with RenderDoc to see if it was rendered at some step but looks like it is not rendered at all.

Could you give me some clues to tackle the problem?

Thank you all

I finally found a fix!…2915/view.html