Landscape invisible unless selected in editor

I’ve recently run into a bug which has halted development on my game world.
My landscape is invisible unless selected in the outliner.
ALT+L is not working. Landscape is set to be visible in ‘show’ tab.
I’ve tried resizing the landscape, which makes it visible again, but makes the entire landscape a black material that I cannot paint on.
The bug first occured when messing with virtual texture heightmaps.
I’ve tried setting bounds on my RVT components, but no change.
I have tried pressing ‘G’
Any help would be appreciated.

After messing around with settings I previously messed with, I’ve found out that this was not a bug, but entirely my own fault.

I went back through settings I was messing with to try & figure out what I did wrong, & it turned out that I had changed a setting on my landscape in the outliner called “Draw in main pass” to “Always” from “Never”. I just reverted this setting & it’s fixed.
Posting here just in case others need the help.