Landscape Hole drop frame rate

Hello, I am trying the Landscape Hole material to make some underground scenes but I experienced some issues on the fps.
The scene alone goes from 115 to 120 fps, but placed underground in the main scene with terrain, foliage, sky, ecc. it goes from 35-60 fps.
I tried to move the assets on the terrain level and it goes from 90 fps to 100 fps.
Does the terrain hole have some problems or I am missing something?
Thank you !

I have also experienced this issue with framerate underneath terrain. An insight into the issue would be great.

most likely it is because it is having to still render the entire terrain to cast shadows onto whatever geometry is under your terrain.

When above, it was still rendering the whole terrain twice for shadows, but the geometry under the terrain was likely occluded.

So disabling direct lighting shadows will work?

It should if my theory is correct, although it could be some other content setup causing it to still render the landscape.

if you are in doubt, move the camera under the landscape, type ‘freezerendering’ and then fly up and see how much of the landscape is still rendered. Maybe you don’t have good occlusion due to holes or something due to modular assets. I have seen that before and sometimes just placing a giant sheet mesh (or 4 of them surrounding your hole) can help.
That won’t show you if the landscape was used for the shadow pass though so you will want to check that by disabling the shadows and see how much it helps.

Thank you Ryan, as I thought if I use freezerendering under terrain, my modular assets will not render if behind me, while the entire landscape and foliage is being rendered everywhere. This is so bad! I will try placing 4 mesh around my underground level!

Unfortunately this is not working for me. The renderer doesn’t render the box which is enveloping my underground level, but it’s rendering landscape and foliage! So bad :frowning:

Disabling the light in the undergound level will give me 30 fps taking my lvl to a 60-70 average. This is really good, but I would like to reach 90 as the other level if possible. I would like to avoid foliage and terrain rendering… do you think that there’s is a way to do it?

try changing your component size and number of sectors in the landscape management tab.

you say you placed a vis blocker between the underground level and the terrain, and it did not occlude any terrain yet it was occluded itself? That seems a bit odd. maybe your landscape component bounds are huge or something.

The engine can only reject landscape at individual component sizes. it is likely that because of the hole you are at least seeing a few components of landscape around the hole.