Landscape has incorrect LOD?

Does anyone know to fix this? I built the lighting and these errors come up afterwards and I don’t know why.

its just saying that LOD 1 (and 2 and 3 and … ) dont have specific lighting built for them. It only has built lighting for the “LOD 0” of the landscape. As stated in the “error”, anything more then “LOD 0” isnt supported to build the extra lighting. Not a big deal, not an error, specifically.

This should only be talking about instanced static meshes painted on the landscape as foliage. Do you have foliage?

If so, is there an actual problem? I have seen this error pop up even when all my foliage meshes had their LODs created by the engine and LOD1+ had pretty much the same UV layout so the lighting looked fine for the LODs but the engine still kept throwing up that warning. I suspect it is detecting different UVs too easily.

This is just trying to tell you that, if the UVs were different on the LODs, you could see something odd like upside down or flipped lightmaps on the LODs so just keep an eye out for that.