Landscape grass shading bug.

I am testing with new landscape grass system and after building lights I noticed that shading is showing landscape grid artifacts. How this grass is shaded? Do it use same shading path as dynamic objects or does it approximate whole chunk as one object? Is there any way to avoid this behavior?


Still haven’t solved this yet. It basically make whole feature unusable.

I just tested it with a white landscape and grass to see if it’s you having this problem or it’s a common issue.
Placed a plane to cast shadow,
The grass in that chunk of the landscape get darker after lighting is built.

Nice to see it is reproducable and not just me.

While this is a problem and needs to be solved in the next updates, it’s also hard to see it if the landscape and grass are textured. Is having white environment a requirement for your project as in the image in the first post?

Picture is showing only lighting. It’s actually as noticeable with actual content and textures.

There is screenshot with normal shading.

I have posted thison the feedback section. Now it’s on my nerves too since I haven’t had lighting built on my level since the new grass tool. Hope this will get solved soon.