Landscape Grass Output Spacing

im trying to get a fuller grass effect from the grass output, but for some reason no matter what setting or mesh i try, it always leaves a large gap between the grass mesh.

Any idea why this is happening? it makes my landscape look hairy and less grassy LOL

I don’t think you can increase the density any higher than 1000, but you could edit the fbx and duplicate your geo around.

If editing the geo is no-go… Duplicate the landscape grass asset so you can plug a second one into the output grass node.

Cool Ill give that a shot! i think ill duplicate and send a second one through the output! Thanks!!

I would take multiple instances of the mesh and create a new mesh (Merge Actors). This creates a larger clump/patch. More grass with lower cluster counts … less draw calls.

Oh so i can have a foliage mesh that covers more ground per mesh? I been thinking about it as like only a few blades of grass cause i thought it was faster performance. I think that will do it

Gras meshes are supposed to cover at a minimum 25cm squared. (Best case use a circle with 25cm diameter)

You should have several different grass meshes to use in order to get a natural varied look.
Also, 2 separate outputs so you can paint the smaller size where you need to - on peaks and other places where the larger meshes have a hard time aligning to the terrain because they are too big.

If you already know that your terrain is mostly flat. You could go with up to a 2m grass mesh.
the problem comes when painting the details of where grass isn’t supposed to be.

using a 2m mesh you would first have to use a different grass layer for a smaller mesh, then remove the procedural from the areas you don’t want it on, like on dirt, where the Alpha value of the paint will cause it to spill.

yea I started noticing that i’m getting spill onto my “sand” layer and looks odd. If I understand correctly, basically outline grass areas with an extra grass layer to make sure the edges don’t have that weird grass spill?


basically, it’s the easiest way to control it.
It’s all dependent on mesh size. If you have a single bunch of grass getting placed where it is told to, you have near perfect control. If the mesh is several bundles, you have increasingly less control.

I would really love it if I could find a way (read as, Need to fill in a feature req. for epic) to expose the Alpha value to the grass instance.
You could use that value to choose if the grass should be drawn or not - OR even better, how tall to draw it - within the grass material itself…