Landscape Grass Output not working

I’m trying to make a complex landscape materials that will automatically texture the landscape, and one section would be the automatic placement of foliage in grassy areas. I was initially able to get the foliage to only be on top of the grass texture using the landscape grass output node (and masks). But as I changed the material to make it more and more complex, the foliage section stopped working. And even trying to just display the foliage across the entire landscape using the same node didn’t work. I was just curious if there was a limit to how “complex” the material could be. Cause previously, I tried adding many textures to the same material and it stopped working, and I found out there was a certain limit to how many textures you can have in one material. Is there something similar in the case of Landscape Grass Output? I have attached a screenshot of how the material looks and the main part of the blueprint regarding he landscape grass output node. Thanks in advance for any help! :)![alt text][1]

same issue :frowning: