Landscape grass output node for non-landscape materials

Is there a node like the Landscape Grass Output for non-landscape materials? What i’m trying to do is spawn grass/rocks on the surface of a tessellated sphere, but all my results so far are spawning on the actual sphere and not on the tessellated surface.

You can spawn grass meshes on a sphere in a different manner.
Try this:
1)Open the modes toolbar of your ue4 editor.
2)Go to your foliage section of the modes toololbar.
3)Drag and drop your grass mesh into the foliage tool from the content browser.
4)In the upper middle part of your foliage panel tick the checkbox next to static meshes (you will see that there are four checkboxes with landscape and bsp surfaces already ticked.)
5) Now you can paint grass meshes on your sphere.

Hint: If you need the grass meshes to align to a particular landscape layer, there is an option to do that in the grass foliage type options menu which can be found in the lower part of the foliage panel.

Yes, what i need to do is for the grass to align to a specific layer in the material, but i want to do this on a sphere, so, usong a non-landscape material. what is the best procedure to achieve this? or can it be done using landscape nodes even if it isn’t a landscape material?

I think they ought to work because you already said that grass meshes ARE spawning on your sphere.

But I recommend you not to use tessellation on landscapes because at present I don’t see a way to spawn meshes on tessellated surfaces and as it iss it will be tough to make your character interact with a tessellated surface.

So I see only one way to use your sphere as a landscape.Do you have any experience with modelling software like blender or maya.
If so you can easily create a model from a tessellated mesh.
What us mean is that you need to open the sphere in your modelling software, apply a material with your displacement map. And then create a new model from that.(It can done very easily in maya. For some other modelling software, you can search on google).

Now import the newly created model and use it as your landscape. Disconnect the tessellation from your landscape material. The new model with already be “tessellated”.

I think you can use the landscape grass node now. If you still cant you can follow the foliage tool method described in my previous post.