Landscape grass output doesn't work with AbsoluteWorldPosition?

I’ve posted this in answers a while ago but it’s been a while and it’s very urgent, so any help would be greatly appreciated!

Basically when you just put textures into the grassoutput it works fine.

BUT, if you do anything using world position (this includes WorldAlignedTexture, Noise, etc) grass isn’t generated properly.

Below I’m just painting grass on the left. You can see the black/white is correct in base color, but the grass seems to get confused at the World Position and and spreads all over, as if it’s calculating world position different in each section/quadrant.

Note: The bottom right quadrant always works properly (even with a noise texture), but the other quadrants get all confused.

Anyone know a fix or workaround for this? Or is it a legit bug?

Found a solution thanks to Jeremy of the Unreal Staff:

Because grass is generated early, Customized UV’s should be used, and then those will work properly in textures, noise, etc.