Landscape grass output crashing

Hey guys, sorry if this is the wrong forum, but I’m having a problem with the Landscape Grass Output node.
I’m using 4.23, and I’m following the Open World grass tutorial (Grass Quick Start | Unreal Engine Documentation) and this video (
The thing is, it’s all fine and dandy until I try to add a second sample. I add another slot to the Output node, and when I add the Second Landscape Grass Type object to it, UE4 crashes and quit.

Any ideas? Should I try to downgrade it?


Im getting the same crash its really anoying

Do you have virtual texturing on?

Either way it used to be you would need to unplug the node, create all outputs. Save material. Connect nodes. Save again.

This bug still exists v4.23.

Workaround worked for me in 4.23 is to remove any active landscape that uses this material that you are updating and then create the sample slots.