Landscape Google Maps

High. So I have no idea at all how do you use those height maps.
I want to take a screenshot of Kings Cross (Sydney) from google maps and make Unreal Engine to create the appropriate landscape from it…
Is that nearly possible?

Thank you


Unfortunately you cannot create a good height map for landscape from google maps. It’s better if you create it yourself.

That’s a flat area, right? If so no need to do it. There are other Geo softwares that let’s you export height maps of a real location.

You could try this here website.
Not 100% guaranteed to get a heightmap or one of decent quality.

Sydney is never flat, my kiwi m8. Currently i have some flat piece of asphaltthat doesn’t look like KX. I will try the software of bogieman. If wont work - will measure bayswater road with a ruler.

I never had any luck with any automated programs to pull this stuff. But its very easy to find it on the nasa SRTM website which is where all that stuff is probably coming from anyways.
Comes in SRTM1 (the US only) which is ~30 meters per pixel and SRTM3 which is ~90 meteres per pixel for the rest of the world. That means each polygon is around 300 feet which is SUPER low res and you will need a way to spice it up (such as worldmachine or lt3d).

I used a free program called VTBuilder to convert the .hgt files into .raw files to import into the editor. VTBuilder also tells you the aspect ratio of your coordinates (ie, towards the poles the slices get more squished but the nasa images are still 1x1 degree so they need to be corrected).

If you want to get higher resolution data than that, be prepared to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars. Not joking.

very good link… thanks

i used this asset some time ago, and the result was very good:

Is for unity of course, but you can export the Heightmap and all the generated textures, it generate tiles etc.
I am using world machine now, but i think a workflow with this asset and word machine should work fine.
By the way, i am not sure about the legality of using this height data for comercial project.

Seems like VTBuilder is the choosen one then. My goal now is to learn how to use the blue marvel image set from the world_big asset. It has topography in geotiff files. Any advice using that? I’m learning about world composition in the level stream process, so, How big a world can be in Unreal and what is the correct path about virtual big world development?
Glad I found found your answer (RyanB) and thanks for sharing.