Landscape goes all grey-need help


My landscape material consists of four materials that show each material on the exact position where i want them to show up, using alpha masks. With the landscape material setup as shown in the picture it is all good (using only 1 diffuse and 1 Normalmap texture per material).
But if I add one more single texture, for example a roughness texture, the landscape material is not visible on the landscape anymore, just the grey/ white checker material.

Since I want to use a bit more advanced materials than just a single diffuse and normal map, this is a big problem for me.
When I only had three materials connected it worked well with more complex material setup, but after I added more materials and masks, I ran into this problem.

Anybody has a clue what is causing this?



It’s very easy to fill up the available texture samplers in a landscape material - looks like this is what you’ve done here.

Set your sampler type to ‘shared:wrapped’, and it should behave in the way you want.

On another note - this looks like an ideal use case for a material function or two - if your material graph looks like this, it’s usually a sign there is a more elegant way to do it!

Thank you, it solved the issue!
Yes, I totally agree about creating material functions!