Landscape Foliage Painting To Large?

When I try to paint some foliage I need to set the scale to 0.01, otherwise it is way to big, like x100 bigger than my character, any idea what iv done wrong? when I paint it at 0.01 there is pretty much no spread, like it will only paint 1 blade of grase within the brush size rather than filling the brush area full of foliage.

Also, when doing it with tree’s, even 0.01 scale is to large, the tree is still massive.

I’m using Blender to transfer my model/textures, any ideas on what could have gone wrong?

Heya! I’m unfamiliar with Blender but this is an issue where your Scale in Blender does not match up with UE4’s scale. I think this thread should help you out:

I found out that the normal Box you add in Blender “Add -> Box”, is approximately the same height as the first person template mesh. You can use this as a reference whenever creating meshes within Blender. If you’re not using first person, I’m not sure. Perhaps the thrid person character is as big as the first person?

Thanks for the help, it was the way I was exporting it from Blender, so I now have the correct height but I still have bad radius, any idea why?