Landscape / Foliage issue

Ok, right into it.

Today I opened up my project and my landscape was no longer displaying correctly. Static messes that should not be underground were suddenly underground and Foliage was floating several units above ground. When played in game the character is able to walk through the incorrectly displayed terrain. Its very frustrating and if there is a simple fix I would love to know it.

Hi ,

Did you recently adjust any portion of your terrain? Additionally, do you have a z-offset set up on your foliage?

Only tried an adjustment after the issue appeared.

Like i said before I opened up the map and that was it funky floating foliage. Oh and my spline road is doing it aswell but not as bad.

Adjustments work until I build the map or save.

As far as a Z-offset is concerned I never touched it and have only been using basic settings of 0.0 - 0.0

alt text

Hi ,

What editor version are you currently using?

Are you using a heightmap or did you custom alter your landscape in editor?

The most recent version.

all custom sculpted, I have yet to get into anything that premakes terrains.

Have you probably use the “low” settings in the quality settings → this could be the reason why the player can walk into the landscape

You’re the man . Still odd that my settings reverted back to medium from epic but ohwell.