Landscape distance disappears

I am not sure what is happening or how to “fix” this.

I have a feeling it is related to possible LOD settings, but I don’t know where to look or what to do.

For some reason my landscape disappears, but my actors and static meshes are visible and seem to be floatin around.

Is this for a performance boost? or is it just a base setting that can be fixed?

This isn’t going to be a seriously realistic game, but I don’t want trees and actors to float around.

Where would I go to adjust this to make the actors disappear or have the landscape visible?

This happens in editor and in game.


are you using world composition?
if yes, then you need to generate LOD impostors properly.

If not, then each landscape has options of how far it draws that you can tweak.

Since I have NO IDEA what world compositions are, then i might need to edit the options.

Where do i look or start from?

**SOLVED THIS PART **When i activated world composition, I dont see my landscape in the mini map… I watched videos and i follow everything they do, but nothing sows up there otehr than a tiny grey box…

I have been progressing with world composition. a few things that are making me crazy. When I hit play, the game starts with the right level, which is the main menu, but when i hit the button to open level, it starts the persistent level but then loops back to the first main menu level.

Also When i double click my main level map it shows up as persistent, but the other maps are not visible…

How do I fix this?

You need to follow some tutorials on how world composition works…

Thanks yea thats what I have been doing.

There is one issue that is not covered anywhere.

I have one level that has actors and characters and nav mesh bounds, and everytime I save the level by clicking the green pencil icon, it shows the floppy disk icon, but then goes back to the green pencil icon. It persistently does this. immediately after saving it. any ideas?

SOLVED: Cutting and pasting everything from that level, back into the same level, fixed that persistent save message icon from showing. No clue…

Sometimes things are just weird.

the loop issue was not weird, and likely caused by importer use of a world-comp level.
they need their own folder since they load everything within the same folder they exist in.

Gotcha! Thanks so much for your input!

Sorry for Digging old post, but I am bit confuse about using landscape LOD generation.
I have been searching on google for landscape LOD and i learned payment have to be made to simplygon in order to use landscape LOD generation. Then i find unreal docs saying simplygon is no longer integrated in ue 4.22 and above and they have their own solution called skeletal mesh simplification.

So now generating landscape LOD and using it as commercially is free ?

Same way, and its free.
There is ab lod generation panel that lets you set everything up.

Thankyou for giving me a reply. i have been searching for this last two days if anyone know about it. Thanx…