Landscape direct vertex paint colors

Will be nice to get an option to paint directly to the landscape using vertex colors and the vertex settings like in a 3D editor or something like that and give the option to select between paint a face or a vertex (4 vertex for the face in one side or normal vertex)
Useful for this things:

Hi Hevedy,

This has been requested before and unfortunately the editor doesn’t store per vertex landscape data. However, there is a feature request in for painting color onto landscapes utilizing a 3 layer method, which would achieve basically the same or close to the same result. This feature request is marked as major but currently backlogged as our resources are dedicated elsewhere. The FR number for reference is UE-6874.

For now, it is possible to achieve this:

“it is possible using landscape layers R, G and B and sampling them in the material, using three LandscapeLayerSample nodes.” (from UE-6874) The feature request is to make this processes simpler and more efficient.

I’m also interested in this, is there an example of implementing the comments in that FR?

I believe 4.16 will have paintable mesh from updates.

I’m still interested in this feature, i am researching about procedural environtments as master thesis and i want to apply some technics that include paiting the terrain. Is there any advance in this field in UE?