Landscape dazzling effect

Hello everyone,

I hate this dazzling effect like :

How i can fix this please ?

Thank you in advance, have a good day !

Not sure what you mean by fix?

Your landscape as it dissapears into the distance has lowering texture qualities so it becomes more of a blur of colour whence the yellow aspect seems to be more dominant.

To FIX I would suggest a better landscape texture. Possibly an auto material that has some tiling correction on it.

Play with different textures and see what you get.

If this is a landscape material then its possile your distance textures are starting too soon


i already have a auto landscape material, and already a landscape tilling correction but weak.


You need to look at the distance blending between the near and far (and any other textures in between, some use 3 or more) make sure the detailed NEAR texture isnt being blended too soon and needs some more distance,

Each auto material is different so i cannot explain HOW but there should be some documentation on the one you are using, or at least a tutorial somewhere.

I didn’t design it that way, but i could…

And then it annoys me, I have other problems including a flickering of the static meshes when I drive…