Landscape Circle Brush is Invisible

I am having problem with my material in landscape editor. I can’t see sculpt and painting brush. They are working but just the circle brush is invisible. If I change the material, it is okay. Which part of my material is wrong?

Here is the prove. Brush is invisible on the compiled shaders on the same landscape:


Hey SalihBalkan,

This has already been reported and we appreciate you taking the time to also report the issue. The bug number associated with this issue is (UE-25366). Once the bug has been addressed and a fix has been implemented we will add it to a list of bugs fixed for that associated major release or hotfix.

If you have further questions please let me know.


Andrew Hurley

I’m having the same problem here on version 4.19.2. Anyone can help? I can’t work on my terrain or with the foliage because of this problem :frowning: