Landscape changes material back to Blank Geometry

I have four different materials set up, to use on my landscape. Before I start to work on my level, I wanted to make sure that they were showing up as they should. But when I went to paint on the landscape, this happen

tried them all, got the blank geometry. Waited for them to compile shaders, since that mini window on the lower right hand side popped up, and it stayed like this. Any idea to get rid of this and have my material show up?

Hey SoraJr,

What you see is the available texture samples being exceeded when painted on your landscape. If you got to your Texture Samples in your material and change the Sampler Source to Shared: Wrap this should solve this issue. This allows for the sample space to be shared between your texture samples as opposed to individually calculation.

Do I have to set that for every texture in the note? Including normals, roughness, etc.

I would just to cover all bases. That way if there are issues in the future you aren’t digging back through looking for that one that isn’t shared.

I’m still getting the same problem when I have all four materials in the same area, but when I painted in the corners on the landscape nothing, it works fine.

Could you create a test project where this is happening and send me a link to it. I would like to test this on my end in order to get a better look at exactly what is happening.

I’m still having the same problem in the new project. PROJECT HERE

Thank you for providing a test project. I was able to download and test your map on my machine. I was able to recreate the default texture that you posted in your screenshot.

A couple of things in order to resolve this issue. One, is to take a very large sized brush and thoroughly paint your landscape. The painting system is a vertex calculated system that allows you to paint from vertex to vertex. This means that when you paint, the system finds the closest vertex and calculates the distance from the vertex the brush is and then tries to calculate whether there is paint there or not. Sometimes, when painting, values fall between two vertices. When this happens, UE4 does the best it can to decide where the paint should go, how much should be there, etc. When this happens, you may see strange values returned because the computer realizes that there was no paint there to begin with and now that value returns as 0. Thus, the material returns to the default one.

The second thing I noticed was that you had “Shared Wrap” set for the top texture samples in your material. However, all of the rest were not set to “Shared Wrap.” I changed them all to “Shared Wrap.”

Between making sure that all of the vertices were painted and information was at a value for 1, and changing the texture samples to “Shared Wrap.” this appears to solve the issue. I did run into an instance where the engine was compiling shaders for when I painted from one landscape tile to the next, but it did finish compiling and it gave me my material after it was done.