Landscape broken and quadrants missing material on mobile

After increasing the size of the landscape, landscape/landscape materials went haywire. It all works fine in the editor and in preview mode, but when launching to iphone 8, many landscape quadrants are completely missing the landscape material and some quadrants have completely ripped off of the ground and are floating in the air.

Have tried every fix on the web i can find, been stuck on this for a week… Would really appreciate any ideas of how to fix this, it seems to be related to some landscape size limitation on mobile as everything was working great when the zone was 1/2 the size.[alt text][1]

What renderer are you using? There is a mobile texture limit on landscapes that i know of, for android at least using OpenGL I think the limit is 3 layers.

I don’t think its related to the renderer since everything worked great on a smaller landscape. Only using 3 layers and 3 texture samplers. It seemed to break when i tried to increase the landscape size.

I suspect this was related to the 1024 landscape component limit. Once I reduced the size under 1024, the error went away.