Landscape Block material

With Enable World Composition loaded levels, my Landscape is divided into 77 blocks.The Landscape resolution of each of my sub-blocks is 505505.Now I through LandscapeCoords node to a 3535 * 3535 map magnified 505 times.It is tiled over each of the sub-terrains.However, if I split the 3535 by 3535 map into 7 by 7, how can my texture be properly assigned to each piece of terrain?

Please help me, thank you

  • No one has encountered this kind of problem or is interested in trying to solve it

Can we solve it by coordinate assignment?But I don’t know how

It’s like spongebob squarepants divided into four tiles, each with 505 by 505 resolution for texture and terrain.How do I make my terrain textures when I import tiling into world composition,level?I know that when I zoom in on the Landscape coords 1010 times when the map is a whole, it shows up in its entirety.But now that I have divided the texture into 4 pieces, how should I connect the material nodes?I would be grateful if anyone is interested or has encountered this problem.