Landscape Blending Help?

i want to try and achieve this sort of quality blending but i have no idea if its even possible in UE4 i was able to do it in unity but this is way different, ive been at it for hours and would really love some help. Any one got any ideas how to achieve this sort of blending

the top image is just a graphical glitch but its what i want to blend like but i have seen it in unreal engine 4 yet so i dont think it can be done, ive searched every where to find out about it but nothing. the bottom image is default blending but i dont like it (i will work with it if its all i got)

I think what you want is height-based blending. See this doc and scroll down to “Landscape Layer Blend Types”. The blend type you want is LB_Height_Blend. You connect a height input (which could be a desaturated version of the texture, or an alpha channel) and it uses that map to blend the layer in.

In your case the height map would be quite extreme black/white to give you the hard transition you want.

Thank you so much!!