Landmass and water body actors not rendering

In 4.26.2, the scene contained a landscape (128 resolution, 64 components), and I added Landmass actor with a ocean water body too. I simply made several large hills / rounded mountains, and the project was rendering things fine. The next day I opened the project and the landscape and water were no longer rendering entirely. All black, like it’s there but is not rendered with lighting. I hadn’t applied a material or changed much of the settings except to create the hills. Why would it not render anything suddenly?

I had two errors in the map check, which I tried resolving to no effect, not even a worsening or improving of the problem with it not rendering. One was ‘brush is a NULL static mesh’, and one was ‘large actor receives a pre-shadow and will result in an extreme performance hit’. I’m not going to list everything I tried, but nonetheless, it didn’t work and remains the same. Any ideas as to what happened, how?

Could be almost anything the way you describe it.

Screencast of landscape.

Check your directional light, make sure it’s movable. And/or that your lighting is built.

Check the landscape. Make sure the material is fine.
Make sure the textures are fine.
(Right click content folder and fix redirection path whatever the option is called).

Thanks for replying.

I understand it sounds rather like it implicates numerous potential things. The sky light and directional are both movable, no static meshes in the scene (unless the BP for the landmass and/or water were set to static mobility and that is taking precedence). It could be the material, though it’s simply the default grid material and I don’t know what to look for that’d cause it. I’ll try that redirection fix, and get a screencast of how it looks.

A black landscape is normal when a material with layers is assigned but no layers are painted - and the material is badly made.

That’s probably what it was. I deleted the scene, though I’m going to try and recreate something like it in 4.27. Thanks for the help. I was exploring the BP of the landmass brush, changing settings and looking for a connection to the problem and nothing fixed it or changed it one bit. I hadn’t encountered this before with landscapes.