Lan multiplayer for VR project

Hi guys,

i complete VR project in ue4 and now i want to do a lan multiplayer, that i mean we have 5 htc vive in classroom and i want to connect them all together to one project. It is possible in UE4?

Thank you for help.


Hello unreal community,
I am in the same boat as the person above. I am developing walk through scenes where I need multi player Lan experience so the customer and sales rep can experience and communicate directly in the game.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Ofcorse, in fact i seen examples in recent ue4jams


https://slapunas./riseofthebotsvr <-this one is quite crashy

Note LAN network is no different then internet, you connect via IP using exact same protocols. So what you want is create network game that does that, whatever you use that on internet or LAN is secondery matter