LAN connection

Hi guys,
I tried to play my game with my friend via TUNNGLE on LAN settings, my HOST/JOIN system is created in BP and looks like this

also I can see my friend through search but I can’t join his server or he can´t join mine

Does somebody have experience with this ? How can i fix this?

Thank you for your answers

What happens then you try to connect you got a timeout or reject? Also do you or your friend has any firewall? So you use inly OnlineSubsystem (except Null ofcorse)

So i saw his game, his name, ping, number of players but when i pressed join it immediately failed. I am using right now

LAN server discovery uses multicast IPs which firewall may treat differently then direct connection

You don’t use any Steam and stuff like that right? Do other games run on that virtual LAN set up, some game that you know directly connect to IP. Try to check what IP does server is visible on the list

I tried directly connect through Travel IP and it works.

Ok check IP that server list lists

did u fix it ?

I used IP connect directly on ip adress from tunngle and it worked as planned but I couldnt manage to connect this way as image show.