Lampshade Material : How to?


I want to mimic this sort of a lamp shade material in a simpler fashion.
Can I get some guides on this?

So far I have used a Fresnel with a Lerp in diffuse and Material mode set to Translucent and Subsurface for lighting.
Doesn’t look as good.

This is what I am trying to achieve.
This is a snapshot from Offise NutsNuts real time archviz demo I found on Youtube.

Would also like to find out how to do this.
I though maybe with a gradient map we could fake it.

Under Epic Games Launceher > Learn tab there is “Realistic Rendering” scene with complete assets, materials and light setups. There is a lamp material that you want to achieve. Please take a look at it.
Hope this helps, thank you.

I’m not sure if the scene mentioned above does it this way, but I’ve gotten very good results using the “Two Sided Foliage” shading model (or just “Two Sided” in some versions of the engine, I think).