Lake Side Cabin (Environment)

Here’s a first sneak peek at our next pack! We’re taking a step back from Environments and letting our zen mode kick in with a nature pack.
We recently took a summer trip to our backyard up in Northern B.C. Canada. Seeing the beautiful mountains and trees inspired us to create this Lakeside Cabin pack.

This pack is our coniferous nature environment inspired by the backyard of Pacific NorthWest Rocky Mountains.
We want to give our users enough pieces to build a large scenic environment…boulders, trees, different ground plants, dock area, & terrain shaders. Our goal is to create a massive world that looks great and have it all running smooth at 60fps.

  • lots of rawks!
  • most trees integrated
  • world machine terrain
  • built most of the man made props
  • Added a handful of ambient sounds to bring the world to life


  • Polish/optimize the trees
  • Get terrain working 100% and looking great
  • Add VFX to breath that extra bit of life into the world
  • Bushes Bushes Bushes

These are early shots made in Unreal Engine 4. Enjoy!






Continuing with our Zen Mode, here’s a time lapse of one of our artist building the scene in Unreal Engine 4. The music and work really puts me in a relaxing mood!

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Very nice!

good work !

I am interesting to buy some environnement like this for my game…

I’d buy this! Thanks for sharing:)

Thank you for your kind words!!!

Awesome! Hopefully it meets your expectations :). We’ve been working hard to make sure our packs are as user friendly as possible.

This looks good. But so did previous packs from PolyPixel. But when reading comments in Unreal Marketplace, PolyPixel products can make a huge dissapointment. So buyer warn!

I agree… the comments and ratings say mostly everything. This has to be a low budget asset or otherwise it wont get its attention…

Thanks Winterstone! We’ll have another post up soon :smiley:

I was thinking of doing a dev video of just me running through and talking about whats in the package sometime this week. If anyone is interested in seeing something specific, or wants me to break something down a bit more, please let me know.

Most of our complaints from customers so far has been “the pack wasnt what they thought it would be”. They thought they could do ‘this’, or it would have ‘that’. So we are trying to be a bit more transparent about these things. We arent trying to trick people into sales haha. So please, if theres anything under the hood youd like to see, let me know. We will link the video here when its uploaded to youtube.

Anyways, back at it. These bushes wont make themselves!!!

Hey guys, heres the the latest video breakdown. If you want to get a better picture of what the pack contains, how we approached it, etc. Please take a gander. We’ve submitted the entry, but havent heard anything back. The process can take some time, but Epic seems to have changed the workflow around so I personally have no clue when this will be out. Hopefully soon, anyways, hope you enjoy!


Amazing work!

Excellent video. I had to do a double take when I heard Cody’s voice, thought it was Zak Parrish :slight_smile:

The fern looked pretty static, has all vegetation got wind applied?

Thanks guys!

Yup, the foliage materials have a wind toggle + basic params (they just might be set low in the vid). Theres some vertex alpha blending to make sure base of foliage plants don’t move.

first of all… This.

Second, beautiful scene; reminds me of that area in Last Of Us with the river. BIG high five on the modular cabins. The being able to build interiors. amazing! Hopefully this feature in an urban environment in future packs from you guys is in the stars. Thanks for listening to feedback. The leaves in the canoe… nice touch. How come it’s not on your own store at the moment if its been submitted to epic already?

Third, when the hell did this happen? ! I didn’t see a post here for it. I’d like to buy it. It says it has 3 houses with interiors. Are the interiors somewhat modular? like can they be customized at all? Interal walls moved? rotated to make a different layout, etc…? Would be a cool idea to have a package deal if you can buy this and the survival items at the same time or something, but im mostly just interested in the environment.

Thanks for the nice words :). And I dont think I sound like Zak Parrish at all, I hate my voice haha.

The pack on our store usually contains more than just the UE4 content, so we are just wrapping up a few last things. I personally see it being up next week, or the following monday at the latest.

The post AP is for sale on our site, and its in the middle of the process for Epics Marketplace release. But we are usually in the dark with that process. We are as surprised as customers when content launches on the Marketplace. As for the interiors, we have modular houses in the sense you can play around with doors opening/static, and stacking floors, and you can build your own kitchen. We have another breakdown for that coming out tomorrow most likely(just needs some editing love). We will probably post a link to that on the Post AP thread we have somewhere buried in here. And hopefully the breakdown answers your questions, and more.

Hey guys, heres a link to the latest promotion video. Its now in Epics hands, so hopefully we see it on the store soon.

Looking forward to this BUT holy cow that post apocalyptic world pack! Thread hijack alert!

Haha Post apocalyptic world has been accepted in the marketplace. Should arrive very soon!!

Here`s some new screenshots for now :smiley:

very good work !