Lake Side Cabin (Environment)

Great News! Lake Side Cabin has just been released on the Marketplace

Having a huge issue with the lightmap UVs overlapping on all of the tree models. Anyone else having this issue?

Big thanks for this pack too. Everything looks very high quality and especially big fan of the bushes. Those looks look excelent anywhere and also fit over sand, slopes and rocks. Cant wait to see your possible upcoming packs too (currently having this, the apocalyptic and survival props and looking into the weapons sooner or later).

hey, i believe you emailed us and we solved this issue but if not, email us at

Awesome! Glad you’re enjoying this pack and thank you for the positive review. We have a medieval docks in progress and medieval village will is releasing on October 4th!

edit… never mind… the problem I was having fixed itself when I loaded the scene a second time, weird.