Lack of water ?

I am sure I have missed it but after reading in the forums I have discovered there is no water option in UE4? This is a huge problem for my project, UDK3 had water that seemed to work just fine so we went ahead with the purchase of this release. I cant believe such a basic tool would be left out? I do like the new release but without water we must stop and go back to what we were using before. I hope I am wrong but at this moment this has cost our team a lot of time and effort learning something that wont do what we need it to do. We will cancel subscription and wait and see me be a few months down the road things will be different.

You can easily create water :wink:

I stand corrected, and a bit embarrassed. I had read several posts in the forums regarding the lack of water. I am relieved this is not an issue thank you for the link and the help!

You’re likely to struggle with getting the materials right however, Epic have kinda cheated at all their water so far :wink:

There should be one water shader in the starter content packages next to the bricks and rocks etc.