Known bugs in the 360° Stereo Panoramic Movie Capture

Hello and welcome in this thread.

I was playing a long time with the plugin from Kite&Lightning and getting nice results with it. But every new version of unreal has some new features that seems like a bug for this plugin.
I want to collect them all here in this thread, to discuss about it and hopefully the developer will look after it.

Let´s start with the version 4.15 and what i found out as a “bug”. Maybe i just don´t know how to use it right, but so will be more like me:


Anti-aliasing and dark image output

If you use anti-aliasing “MSAA” you will get a very deep black image with the Stereo Panoramic Movie Capture Plugin. So you have to use “FSAA” or “Temporal AA” to have the same light as you see in the editor.
I think this is a bug. At least you don´t need AA with this plugin, because it is ignoring it. The other solution is, you can set “SP.ForceAlpha 1”, then the black image is also gone.

The pic is pitch black with MSAA enabled:


If you don´t use MSAA, or you use SP.ForceAlpha 1, you will get the right lighting like in the editor:


The yaw and tilt of the camera actor is not working anymore

If you only have one camera actor in the scene and set i to player 0 and want to yaw the cam in the sequencer, let´s say 45°, the image you will get is still straight ahaid. No matter what degrees i input, it is always looking in one direction.
I am sure this works before 4.14. Don´t know if it was 4.12. or 4.13. But now i can control the cam only in x and y axes, tilt and yaw does not work. At least how i do it. Is the tilt or yaw output of the image from this plugin controlled by another asset, like pawn or player ?! Does someone has
a solution for this?

Do you know more “bugs” ? Let´s discuss it here and hopefully they got resolved one day. I like this plugin and use it every day now, but some “bugs” made me going crazy. :wink:

Martin from germany.

Hey Martin,

I followed the tutorial on the blog post about the panoramic exporter and everything seems to be working fine
for the moment. If I find some bugs I will report back and post them here.

But in the meantime, can you tell me how you got an ambient occlusion pass out with the plugin?

I can see that you somehow got it working… looking at your attached images.

I can’t seem to wrap my head around it and would be very thankful for any help.

Hi purplepill,

thanks for the question about ambient occlusion. I enabled it in the postprocess volume. But all lights are moveable and not static. I think this is the reason how it works. I got a direct light and a skylight in the scene, with a hdr, very low output, only 0.3. The level of the direct light for the moon is around 8.0.
So nothing fancy for the ambient occlusion in my eyes. :wink: oh i did acitvate contact shadows with a very small amount, you should use it as well.

Hope i helped you, if you got more question please ask. Can you animate tilt or yaw for cam in the sequencer ? I have no luck with it… it is always looking straight ahead, even in 4.15. Lets say i want the cam first look at the moon and then to the ground, how can i do it. I can only move the cam in x and y axis. Not the same like yaw and tilt. ;-(

Someone else knows how to do this?

Thank you for your answer, I got it working after playing around with the Code in the scenecapturerComponent.cpp following this link:

I will probably try to do some camera animations next and will report back if I find out anything regarding your Problems.

Hey there.

I have an issue with the render. Is too dark! The posprocess it doesnt works! could you please show me how to configure the .cpp that you described in the last post?

btw, which 4.15 version r u working on? binarie or open source?

Hi Fredroxin,

i guess the render is dark because of MSAA antialaising. Turn it off in the project settings, under render, for the 360 plugin. It doesn´t use it anyway and your pics are as bright as in 4.13 or 4.14.
No need to configure the .cpp file. I am now on 4.15 and it works great. This is a night-time pic, but work as it should. With MSAA on you won´t see anything, now it is ok for me:


Hey there, I tried everything that you posted here, I changed the rendering to all the possibilities and it did not work. I am using the 4.14 and it still coming out too dark.