Knowledge Base: UMG vs. Slate: How to Extend and Expose Widgets for Designers

Article written by Cody A.
When talking about user interface in Unreal Engine, you’ll often see the terms UMG and Slate used, sometimes interchangeably. In reality, the relationship between UMG and Slate is more like th…


This example is very useful. I’m currently trying to extend the SScrolbox class to do exactly the same thing. It seems that SLATE_SUPPORTS_SLOT has been deprecated and replaced by SLATE_SLOT_ARGUMENT. Could you please update you example with the latest changes so that we can know what to pass to the new Macro (the SlotName parameter)? Ideally, please update any other applicable changes in your code example so that it can be compiled in Unreal 5.3.

Thank you.

Nvm, got it to compile.


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